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Digitisation is increasing in every industry. Especially the availability and interpretation of data can realise tremendous economic benefits.


AWAKE Mobility is a Data Science Startup, supporting public and private bus operators with their digital transformation. Our predictive maintenance platform helps avoid bus breakdowns and reduces maintenance costs. 


Problem Statement

Bus operators have no real-time data about the health situation of their entire fleet.

This is why a variety of company resources are used inefficiently, given processes and decision are largely based on experience, not data.  

As a consequence, significant costs occur, which could be prevented through a data-driven maintenance approach.


AWAKE's Solution

AWAKE transforms every bus into a smart bus by connecting the entire fleet with AWAKE's proprietary IoT-platform. Our solution collects high definition vehicle data, which is constantly analysed by modern algorithms. 

In contrast to traditional telematics solutions, AWAKE doesn't only provide failure messages, but detects the immediate cause of the failures (Why does it happen?).


Our predictive maintenance capability allows to know failures before they happen and hence enables the workshop to set perfectly timed maintenance intervals in order to prevent unexpected breakdowns.


Our Process

1) Data-Generation through the embedded vehicle sensors

2) Data-Transfer via our OBD-dongle to our data analytics platform

3) Data-Analysis by our artificial intelligence for each individual bus

4) Data-Visualization with personal insights for different users




Future damages and their causes are known before they happen and can be prevented at the right time.

Control Center

Current information such as deployability of vehicles, GPS, residual reach of E-buses, etc. can be provided in real time.


Facts and figures to enable data-driven decision making, e.g. realistic economic success of certain bus lines.




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Value Add



Employees receive actionable insights, get enabled to work more efficiently and make better decisions.



Vehicle-individual maintenance intervals reduce breakdowns and extend the lifetime of wear parts.

Higher Sustainability

Intelligent algorithms make suggestions for gas reduction and less usage of wear parts over the lifetime of a bus. 

Independence against OEMs

Data insights allow realistic  maintenance intervals, independent from OEM standards. 


Houssem Braham

Houssem is in charge of the technical development of the IoT-platform as well as the data science algorithms.


In the past he has worked as a software engineer at various automotive companies and suppliers.


Among others, he has worked at Tesla in Silicon Valley and co-developed the autopilot for autonomous driving.

Daniel Sattel

Daniel is in charge of product development and the direct go-to person during pilot project with customers.


In the past he has worked as Senior Consultant for commercial vehicles and developed digital services.


Among others, he has already been part of a very successful predictive maintenance company in the past (KONUX). 

Daniel Tyoschitz

Daniel is in charge of strategy and business development in order to find partners and build company structures.

In the past he has worked as independent innovation consultant in Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv and Berlin.


Among others, he has helped dozens of established companies push forward their digital transformation.


Whitepaper (GER): AWAKE's 

Predictive Maintenance Platform

"Let's jointly shape the field of Omnibus-Maintenance 4.0."

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